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The Brooklin Models range of hand-built 1:43-scale models of American cars covers the 1930s to 1960s, with most offerings from the 1950s when chrome and fins ruled. A recent release in this genre is BRK197, a 1955 Lincoln Capri four-door sedan.

A quick check on the internet shows that Brooklin has captured the look of the car very well, especially the unusual faux fender over the back wheel, a design feature of the vehicle. The panel and shut lines are well defined. The roof is a separate casting, which means there is a clean separation with the paint colours. As befits a car of this era, there are loads of plated parts. These include the heavy trim on the rear fender, and of course the massive grille and bumpers. There is even a minute ‘V8’ badge on the base of the rear doors and an insert on the C-pillar, although the window frames are not plated. The taillights have a wash of translucent red lacquer, and the grille has been enhanced with a wash of black.

Interior detail is reasonable, with typical bench seats complete with pleating patterns, and the dashboard is good but needs highlight painting to bring out the instruments. A large steering wheel completes the detail. This can all be admired through the crystal-clear glazing which is almost flush fitting. Underside detail is limited to the main running gear and frames. The wheels are authentic, with large plated hubcaps. The tyres are convincing with their whitewalls and give the model the correct ride height.

The Lincoln is flawlessly painted Ermine White over Taos Turquoise with a darker turquoise interior.

The Lansdowne Hillman Minx Californian was reviewed back in the October 2014 issue, and now Brooklin Models (of which Lansdowne is a separate range of British prototypes) has issued a 1:43 model of the convertible version of the car. The model is not simply a chop-top of the Californian, but many parts are shared. There are a surprising number of plated parts on the model including such items as the boot hinges, a stone guard on the rear mudguard and even the internal window winders. The open roof allows the interior to be admired and the detail is good, even though the original was a bit sparse. The windscreen looks a little shallow, but has details such as the sun visors and windscreen wipers.

There is just basic detail on the base and the wheels, and the tyres look the part. The Hillman is painted in Quartz Blue with a fawn interior. Brooklin and Lansdowne Models can be obtained through Nostalgic Automotive Miniatures, Ph. 09 535 5725, or GRM Models, Ph. 03 213 1354. Thanks to Brooklin Models Ltd, Bath, UK for the review samples.

Top Gear

The makers of Trax and Trux models are turning more to resin instead of die-cast metal for their offerings. Some interesting upcoming items include an Austin A40 Tourer, Ford Anglia 10 Tourer and Vauxhall Vagabond (all modelled open-topped) as well as a Mini Moke and Land Rover. The down side to resin is that it is more expensive — about double that of metal — but it does allow the production of more esoteric subjects.


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